Dealing With The Court System

Dealing with the court system can be a very scary prospect for most people.   When we go to court for a specific reason it will feel like you are being taken to the principal’s office.  The courtroom is a large area that has a lot of people in suits, walking back and forth talking in strange tongues about rules, laws and many topics we didn’t even know existed. 

Bail Bonds

The first area that we will look at are bail bonds allentown pa.  A bondman is someone who will put up the bond to get you out of jail if you find yourself in trouble.  If you don’t appear in court however, then the bondman will be responsible for paying your bond.  If this happens they will send out a bounty hunter to arrest you and bring you back to jail.

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The prosecutor

The prosecutor is someone who is not really against you personally but rather argues the case for those you are in trouble with.  The prosecutor will do their best to argue the case to get you to be punished. 

The public defender or lawyer

To help you in your case you have a lawyer or a public defender.  This person will take your side of the case and argue it in front of the judge.  If he argues your case successfully then you can be released or if he doesn’t then you could go to jail or otherwise be punished.

The judge

The judge will be the one that decides your case.  He will hear both sides, ask you if you have anything to say and if he does believe your case will let you go.  If he doesn’t then you will be punished, and he will issue that punishment.

When it comes to going to court and dealing with the court system there are a lot of moving parts, however if you just relax, state your case and have the evidence to prove your point the rest will hand itself without you.  Good luck and may everything go well for you in court.